Waikato Men's Camp - 6-8 April 2018

Inviting men of all ages to come to a MEN’S CAMP to be encouraged and be an encourager. Narrows Camp Hamilton Friday 6th to Sunday 8th April 2018 with guest speaker Jim Stinton

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National Convention 2018 - Palmerston North

Friday 1 June 2018 - Monday 4 June 2018

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Come along to be encouraged, challenged and extended in your Christian faith by listening to challenging speakers, experiencing God bring healing and wholeness into people’s lives and enjoying fellowship with men and women from around the country.


Picture of Graham Eagle

Quote: " When the heart determines a destination, the mind will map a path to get there."

In other words, when you really want something, you will find a way to get it. Linda and I have purposed in our hearts to be at FGBMFI convention each year, we have done this for over twenty years, Its on the calendar, Its what we do at Queens birthday weekend, its woven into the fabric of our lives.

We come because we love the fellowship (FGBMFI), we enjoy meeting the people and we enjoy the speakers. We get encouraged and built up in our faith.

How about you? We would love to meet up with you in Palmerston North in 2018.

Start putting those gold coins in the jam jar of faith. (It's amazing how fast it fills up.)

See you there, come and be blessed.

Graham Eagle - National President


Picture of Danny and Tracy Smith


Carl has traveled to more than fifty countries, spoken in hundreds of churches and at many conferences, He has seen tens of thousands give their lives to Jesus. He is a relevant and dynamic communicator.

He has a strong passion for the presence and power of God and is eager to bring people into a dynamic encounter with the Holy Spirit.

Picture of Danny and Tracy Smith


Julie is the National Director for Healing Rooms NZ.

She has a passion to see all generations step into their God-given destinies and take nations for Jesus. She moves in the prophetic, sharing God's love, peace, rest, life, hope and the fire of God.

Julie and her husband Mac have been married for 53 years. They live in Warkworth and have 3 wonderful children and 13 grandchildren.

Picture of Steven Dunne


Ross has been a passionate minister of the gospel since his encounter with Christ in 1970 and was soon afterwards called by a prophet into full time ministry.

Although having pastored churches, he has travelled extensively and still travels by invitation. He has a passion for revival, and lives like the best is yet to come.

God has graciously anointed him with a gift of faith, to inspire others to believe God for miracles, signs and wonders.


Date/time Function Speaker
Friday 1 June
10 - 3pm Men’s Seminar Carl Butler
1 - 3pm Ladies Meeting Julie Calvert
6 - 10pm Testimony Banquet Ross Monk
Saturday 2 June
8 - 10am Testimony Breakfast Carl Butler
10.30 - 1pm Annual General Meeting
2 - 4pm Men’s Seminar Ross Monk
2 - 4pm Ladies Seminar Julie Calvert
7 - 10pm Public Meeting Carl Butler
Sunday 3 June
10 - 12pm Teaching Session Ross Monk
2 - 4pm Teaching Session Carl Butler
7 - 10pm Public Meeting Julie Calvert
Monday 4 June
8 - 11am Testimony breakfast Ross Monk


The 2018 National Convention will be held at Distinction Palmerston North Hotel, a very good venue.


May we urge you to complete your registration NOW, either using our website at with credit card payment, or by post. Early registration will be much appreciated. Your registration pack will be ready to collect from the Convention Centre Office from 8.30am on Friday 1 June 2018. Registration is available to members and non-members alike. Late registrations received after 26 May will incur a late fee of $20.


Distinction Palmerston North Hotel is highly recommended for your choice of accommodation and has special room rates for FGBMFI.
Phone: 06 355 5895

For other accommodation options please contact:
Palmerston North i-SITE @
Phone: 0800 MANAWATU

Free transport to and from Palmerston North Airport will be provided for those who register at least 14 days prior to the Convention.


The banquet and breakfast meals as listed on the Registration Form are part of those particular meetings. Admission to these meetings is by ticket only, which are to be ordered with your registration. You may register for the Convention with or without the purchase of any meal tickets.


All meetings are open for all people of all ages, except for the FGBMFI Men’s Seminar and the Annual General Meeting which are for men only.


Free parking is available reasonably close to the venue.


The meetings will have lots of praise and worship.


The teaching sessions on Sunday are most valuable for your spiritual growth. The main speakers will teach and minister in the power of the Holy Spirit.


People who register for the Convention will have priority in purchasing tickets for all functions that require tickets for admission. Only after registrations have been completed will excess tickets be sold.


We encourage you to bring your children and let them be blessed also while you are enjoying the Convention.


All FGBMFI members are urged to attend this important meeting. Only two delegates may vote and speak on behalf of the chapter. Representation of every chapter is vital. Non-members are most welcome to sit in and observe what makes the Fellowship tick.


It is important that as many men as possible take the opportunity to participate in this seminar. The convention speakers, Ross and Carl, will speaking at the seminars. Attending the seminars will greatly benefit you and your Chapter in the vision of the Fellowship and the effectiveness in outreach.


In order to cover the expenses of speakers, venue hire and miscellaneous costs, freewill offerings will be received during some of the meetings.


Prior to the convention all enquiries may be made to:
FGBMFI National Office
PO Box 2, Mosgiel 9053
Phone: 03 260 7111


This office will be open from 8.30am on Friday 1 June.

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